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Turn Dream Vacations into Charitable Donations
with Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

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Tap the power of travel to drive donations.

Looking for new and creative non profit fundraising ideas that build loyalty among current donors, attract new ones, and generate a steady stream of incremental revenue? All without spending a cent? Or using up valuable staff time?

Then consider Perfect Places—innovative non profit fundraising ideas that make it simple for businesses to offer attractive travel packages to employees and customers for the benefit of non profit organizations like yours.

  • It's a proven way to raise funds. Your organization receives a portion of the proceeds from every trip purchased through Mitch-Stuart, Inc.
  • It's a valued employee benefit. Your corporate partners can offer employees and customers the chance to buy or bid on hundreds of dream vacation packages at special charity rates.
  • It's a money-saving travel program. Your partners' employees get preferred rates on fabulous travel packages at the same time they give back to a worthy cause—yours.

Why Perfect Places?

  • Build donor loyalty
  • Expand your donor base
  • Establish stronger relationships
  • Create a nonstop revenue stream
  • Gain free publicity
  • Increase your visibility
  • Reduce administrative burdens
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