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For the Adrenaline

July 11, 2018
For some, an appealing vacation involves something simple: Some sand with a gorgeous view, a frozen beverage, maybe some summer reading. For others, though, the perfect vacation means flying over Arizona, doing aerial aerobics in a world-class aircraft. Or maybe it’s tearing through the ocean on a former America’s Cup-winning yacht? It might even be racing around the track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, trying to break records on a solo drive!

At Mitch-Stuart, we pride ourselves in having non-profit fundraising auction travel packages for everyone, whether it’s a donor looking to rub elbows with Broadway stars, set out on a cruise around the Caribbean, or learn how to cook with master chefs. For your adrenaline junkie supporters, we’ve got plenty of options that will get their heart racing.

When your donors win the “All-Access, Ultimate NASCAR” package, they get tickets to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, sure. But the trip’s highlight has to be taking to the racetrack and getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR-style stock car. Your supporters start off with some training and technical instruction, then set off for a timed session, driving around the Charlotte Motor Speedway (home of the Coca-Cola 600, one of NASCAR’s biggest races) with just themselves behind the wheel – and their nerves riding shotgun!

Whether it’s in San Diego, San Francisco or Newport, Rhode Island, we can set your donors up with an unparalleled high seas adventure. In an afternoon, your supporters can turn into experienced sea hands, as they take an America’s Cup-contending or winning yacht out for a spin. Led by experienced captains, the “crew members” will get a taste of the work, the speed and the spirit of the ship – this is no leisurely trek (though, if your donors tire, they can relax on the deck and watch the waters crash against the hull – just hold on!).

But the ultimate adventure for the adrenaline seeker may be our “Top Gun” package. It takes your donor to Mesa, Arizona, for a day in the skies above the desert in a two-person monoplane (one wing). There’ll be an instructional warmup, then realistic air combat, practice doing aerobatics and a final low-altitude pass (yes, just like in “Top Gun”). Your supporter will love the hands-on experience, and his or her family will love the in-cockpit video as they see what the effect of g-force has on a person’s face.

Celebrating American Travel

July 04, 2018
Today, Americans across the country are traveling many miles – the most ever, says AAA – and putting aside any differences they may have to celebrate the birth of this country. There’ll be fireworks (in non-fire-risk areas), there’ll be barbecuing and there’ll be families reuniting and friends bonding over it all.
We love our non-profit fundraising auction travel packages to destinations around the world. But on this holiday, it feels right to lay out the case for traveling within the United States, a land so large and diverse that a seasoned tourist could spend a lifetime exploring it.
The American Road Trip: A favorite since the birth of the Interstate Highway System, the road trip is a symbol of the country’s freedom, driving through its wide-open spaces and, unlike other modes of travel, the ability to stop anywhere along the way to sightsee. Whether it’s gazing at the beauty of the Gateway to the West in St. Louis or the absurdity of the second-largest ball of twine in Kansas, there’s something to see along every one of America’s crisscrossing freeways.
Traveling for Food: Barbecue in Texas. Cajun in New Orleans. Pizza in New York (and – yes, we hear you – Chicago). There’s a style of food to experience in every corner of this country, from the heavy Italian in Boston’s North End to the laid-back, light fare simply called “California cuisine.” Pick a destination in the states, and you’ll get experience lunches and dinners that the region has perfected.
Traveling for Pride: National symbols survive for a reason and being able to visit them in person can be an emotional experience. Maybe it’s touring the Statue of Liberty in New York, or walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Maybe it’s the Lincoln Monument in Washington, D.C., or it’s Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. These are each links to America’s past and present, and they can be moving for many.
Choose Your Climate: Miami has beaches for miles. Jackson Hole has all the skiing and wintery outdoor activity a visitor could want. Telluride has that crisp, cool Colorado air, and Los Angeles is … well … Los Angeles – sunny and 72 degrees for so much of the year. There isn’t a climate around the world that isn’t represented over the fifty states, so both summer getaways and winter adventures can be had at home.