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Women’s History, In Person

March 13, 2020
Since 1987, the United States has recognized March as Women’s History Month, a time for Americans to learn about and recognize the contributions that women have made to our country’s founding and growth.

We’re big fans of using travel to educate, as we’ve mentioned before. And Women’s History Month is a great time for your supporters to hit the road and education their children (or grandchildren!) about the famous (and underrecognized) women heroes in this country. In addition, some of our favorite travel destinations lead the way in recognizing women’s contributions, meaning these places can be both educational and fun!

Some of our suggestions:

Of course, for all historical celebrations in America, Washington, D.C. is a must-visit. The nation’s capital is home to the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum and Archives documents and displays the history of the suffrage movement year-round. However, in March, museums and galleries around the city curate and showcase women, both historical and modern. The National Museum of African Art currently has an exhibit devoted to the women of Africa, for instance, and the Atlas Performing Arts Center is performing a play based on the unheralded, but important, work of Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein’s first wife.

Just up the Atlantic coast, Boston was the host city for so much of America’s shared history. It shouldn’t surprise, then, that the first National Women’s Rights Convention was held in nearby Worcester. The 1850 gathering brought so many together that the conventioneers overflowed from the hosting Brinley Hall. The emerging suffragettes returned in 1851 for a second gathering. A great activity, especially for families: Walk the Women’s Heritage Trail to see the historic sights of the city’s through a female lens.

One underrated tribute? Sometimes your donors might spend their money based on causes they want to help – not just at your fundraising auction, but where it buys groceries, maybe, or restaurants that contribute part of their proceeds to non-profits. If that’s the case, how about a trip to Jackson Hole! Why? When Wyoming joined the United States in 1890, it brought with it a state law that allowed women to vote. Even though that law jeopardized Wyoming’s statehood, the territory stood firm, and eventually it made Wyoming the first state to allow women to vote.

Maximum Spring

March 10, 2020
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’re a little groggy after having lost an hour of sleep for no good reason. It’s almost spring!

As the weather changes, the faces of some of our favorite destinations change, too. Snow melts away, outdoor activities can become more attractive, and public parks are ready to host picnics. In fact, there are some locations that transform so much, they go from a tough sell to a best-seller in the time it takes to recover from St. Patrick’ Day.

If you’re looking to take advantage of spring fever to auction off a non-profit fundraising auction travel package, we’ve got some ideas for destinations that shine in the sun.

Spring Break:
Do we ever really grow out of spring break? When the coats get stashed back in the closets and the sun stays out into the evenings, there’s still no better place to be than the beach. Whether it’s the island sand of Hawaii or any of our destinations in Mexico or the Caribbean, destinations with surf are always eye-catchers, and offering one at your non-profit fundraising auction will certainly draw interest among people coming out of a winter hibernation.

Beat the Heat: The average high temperature in Las Vegas in July is 104 degrees. The average high temperature in Miami on August 8 is 90 degrees – and with oppressive humidity. Some of our favorite warm-weather places on the map may be a little too hot to see during the summer. But these spring days can bring more comfortable temperatures, allowing your donors to fully explore. Go hiking in the hills and mountains outside of Vegas, golfing in Palm Springs, or soak up the sun in Miami without the excess sweat.

The Bloom: There are few indicators of spring more colorful than blooming season. For those who live in colder climes, it can be worth a trip just to see the various hues explode from bushes, trees and vines. In Washington, D.C., that takes the form of the spring Cherry Blossom Festival, which kicks off on March 20. In Southern California it’s the poppies of Antelope Valley (located a short drive from Los Angeles). And in Arizona, two hours or so southwest of Phoenix, the Sonoma Desert gets bright in March; your donors can seek out the Catalina Scenic Highway for a day drive from the floor of the desert to a 9,000-foot elevation.