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Inner Peace, Out on the Road

June 08, 2016
For an activity that is said to be so relaxing, travel certainly contains its share of stressors. From flight delays to safety worries and even starting from the process of packing, it takes a lot of work to hit the road, and that work doesnít come without some level of mental strain.

We at Mitch-Stuart, Inc., love travel Ė itís why weíre so committed to helping non-profit fundraising with our auction travel packages. But even we recognize that going on vacation isnít as simple as waking up one morning having been transported to paradise. Send this cheat sheet along to your donors who win one of our travel packages at auction so they can make their experience that much easier.

The stress usually starts before travelers even arrive at their destinations. With the busy summer travel season upon us and the Transportation Security Administration seemingly devoted to hour-plus long security lines, a familiar muscle tightness can develop even before reaching a departure gate. So for flyers taking off at airports like San Francisco International and Chicago OíHare, a sanctuary from the bustle can be a relief. Thatís where the yoga room comes into play. Several airports, and several more in the near future, offer separate rooms for travelers to lay out a (provided) mat and stretch, either with oneís own yoga routine or led by a teaching video. After standing in a long, winding security line, itís a chance to catch oneís breath before boarding.

Of course, itís hard to pull off downward dog or Tree Pose while seated on a full flight Ė or driving on a road trip, for that matter. For cases in which physical stress relief may not be possible, thereís always guided meditations, and thereís a wide variety of apps available for smartphones that can help. Stop, Breathe & Think is a good place to start for the novice, while Calm has a tremendous catalog of programs for different purposes (self-affirmation, sleep inducement, etc.). The engine roar may not be as calming as the wind chimes of a local meditation or mindfulness center, but noise-cancelling headphones and the right soothing voice coming from a cellphone can turn the stress of flight into a chance to relax.

No one wants to carry around that travel stress after arriving at a destination for a vacation. So many of our non-profit fundraising trip packages take supporters to resorts with world-class spa accommodations, making that post-flight massage easy to book. Be it aromatherapy, facials or a simple dip in the hot tub, these facilities can kick-start a vacation and put even more mental distance between the joys of travel and the stress of the workday.